Bertie Blackman Interview

Hello Bertie Blackman. How are you doing? Where are you currently?

Hello! I am quite good! I am currently in my hotel room in Adelaide… on tour with la roux

Your album ‘Secrets & Lies’ is due out on May 3rd. Are you pleased with it? Is it indeed full of secrets and lies?

I am very pleased with it! It is indeed full of secrets and lies… I forget which is which really… so I’m still guessing what I was thinking in that! Secrets and lies… like a deck of cards.

What’s your favourite song from the album and why?

My favourite song from the record is valentine. It’s the last track. I woke up at 3am and the song was just in my head. Words, melody, everything. I HAD been watching twin peaks at the time… so perhaps a little influence from that?  But who knows. I guess Amanda palmer possessed me.

What made you decide up ‘Black Cats’ (out March 1st) as the album-preceding single?

Because it’s the raw sex track of the album. I feel like the UK needs some raw sex in their ears.

You’re supporting La Roux, have been on tour with Goldfrapp, played the festival circuits and sold out your own tours. You must be getting a massive fan base now?

I think so??

You’ve also been called ‘The Australian Florence’. With her recent breakthrough success, do you feel any pressure about that?

Nah…  I’ve been working at this for a bit now. A little more success would be fine by me… so I can keep making records!!

Everyone has a beginning, what made you first get into music? What made you pick up a guitar when you were 15?

I had been playing drum kit in my garage band. I got sick of hearing melodies in my head and having no way of expressing them. So guitar was my choice!

What would you have done if you didn’t take the musical path?

I would have been a chimney sweeper back in the 1900’s; painting the rooftops with dreams and black.

What are you currently listening to, what’s on your mp3 player?

I’m currently listening to Four Calendar Café by Cocteau twins

Who are you backing to ‘break through’ this year?

Erm….. me??? Hehe.

What’s the best venue you’ve played?

Koko, in London.

Favourite artist you’ve toured with?

The Rapture… we toured with a dance festival in Aus… and they were on the same stage as me. Awesome band. And awesome guys.

How do you go about writing your songs? Where do you find influence, or do they find you?

The creatures find me and whisper ideas in my ears. My heart thumps a beat and it all begins from there…

There have been comparisons with you and the likes of PJ Harvey, Kate Bush, Bat For Lashes and Karen O; who would you love to perform or record with, past or present?

I would love to record with Beethoven.

What do you miss when you are touring?

I miss my mom.

If you were a jelly bean, what colour and flavour would you be and why?

I would be blue and taste like the ocean…. Why? Because it would be rad.

Some quick fire questions. Tea or coffee?


Summer or winter?


Eat in or take out?

Eat in.

Marvel or DC?


Mac or PC?


Leeds or Reading?

Next question… 😉

And finally, what’s next on the agenda for you? Any plans to visit Leeds?

I’m making a new record… and trying to interbreed Tasmanian tigers with polar bears. I would love to come to Leeds!

Thanks Bertie, and good luck with the forthcoming releases.